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Special offer for current ATENA customers during COVID-19 pandemic:

A cloud computer with preinstalled ATENA, for just $1 per hour.

Please provide a valid WR number in the registration form to activate this offer. Valid until end of March 2021.

About AtenaCloud

AtenaCloud allows you to use our software ATENA and other tools in a cloud environment. No installation, no special hardware requirements. Runs almost everywhere: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android devices.

Cloud computers with everything pre-installed are created directly from the AtenaCloud web application. It takes less than 3 minutes to initialize.

Data can be up/downloaded via web browser. To connect and operate cloud computers, you will need some Remote Desktop client. If you are using Windows, you already have one, just go to start-menu and enter "mstsc". See the list of other available options.

Software Available in Cloud

ATENA 2D & 3D - Our software for nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures. More about ATENA here.

How Much it Costs?

The AtenaCloud Application uses a credit system. The credit is used when:

  • A cloud computer is running (approximately $5 per hour)
  • A cloud computer is switched off (approximately $0.2 per day)
Everything else, such as license & data storage fees is included. There are no costs when no computers are initialized in the application.